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Join Phil Kvamme, Amy Stone, and PK on the air Monday – Friday mornings from 6-9am

Put on your thinking caps and play Bible Baffle for great prizes. Be ready to call in your answer to the Bible question of the day by dialing 218-568-4422 when Phil gives the question of the day around 7:17 am.



Monday on Kvamme & Company –Phil’s friend Jerry explains “phubbing” on Kvamme & Company.  Also Monday, Dustin Lang speaks about our worth and Bishop Danny Yohannan of GFA World talks to Phil about illiteracy on the mission field .  Phil and Amy have a good time with some Christian comedians too on Monday, starting at 6am on 91.5 & 102.7 the Word.


Tuesday on Kvamme & Company –more from Bishop Danny Yohannan of GFA World about literacy.  We’ll also feature Smile Again Ministry from Cross Lake and Rick Warren has thoughts on integrit..  All that plus news, weather, music and monkeyshines – Tuesday on Kvamme & Company at 6am.


Wednesday on Kvamme & Company – more from the mission organization GFA World on literacy around the world.  Also Wednesday, Phil’s friend Jerry on what’s wrong with meditating and Christine Caine on the power of perspective.  That’s Wednesday on Kvamme & Company starting at 6 on the Word.


Thursday on Kvamme & Company – More on Smile Again ministry, reaching out to families experiencing the loss of a child.  Also Bishop Danny from GFA World, and Tonly Evans on developing a limp. That’s Thursday morning on Kvamme and Company with Phil and Amy are starting at 6 – on the Word.


Friday on Kvamme & Company – Phil’s friend Jerry on predicting mood, and we’ll learn about another Hebrew word for love.  Also Friday, Walleye Dan with Phil and Amy on the Go Show, Go Outdoors with Dan Eigen.  Kvamme & Company, Friday starting at 6 on the Word.