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Put on your thinking caps and play Bible Baffle for great prizes. Be ready to call in your answer to the Bible question of the day by dialing 218-568-4422 when Phil gives the question of the day around 7:17 am.



Monday on Kvamme & Company – More from Dr. Jay from the Truth Barista, laying some truth on us Monday about the situation in Israel.  Amy and Phil will talk about “How to Get Along With Anyone” by Rosemary Counter.  And Dr. Jacqueline C. Rivers on segregation in the American Church.  We’ll have some Christian comedians too on Monday, starting at 6am on 91.5 & 102.7 the Word.


Tuesday on Kvamme & Company – Phil and Amy also bring news about a Christmas program in Brainerd at Bethlehem Lutheran and a portion of a message on loving your enemies from the lake Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in March of 1957.  Moe on how to get along with anyone – Tuesday, the contrarian.  News, weather, music and monkeyshines – Tuesday on Kvamme & Company at 6am.


Wednesday on Kvamme & Company – the best mistakes ever, Jerry on fixing your focus and the one-minute apologist on dealing with parts of the Bible you don’t like.  All week we’re telling you how to get along with anyone, Wednesday – the poltical antagonist!  News, weather, songs, bottom of the column news, all the other stuff too on Wednesday with Kvamme and Company starting at 6am.


Thursday on Kvamme & Company – the most repeated command in the Bible is “Fear Not”!  How do we do that?  More on dealing getting along with anyone from Rosemary Counter – today the drama queen. That’s Thursday morning on Kvamme and Company with Phil and Amy are starting at 6 – on the Word.


Friday on Kvamme & Company – more from pastor Jay, the Truth Barista.  Jackie Hill Perry on how Christians can better understand the LGBTQ community, and how to get along with the over-sharer.  Also Friday, we’ll have Walleye Dan with Phil and Amy on the Go Show, Go Outdoors with Dan Eigen.  Kvamme & Company, Friday starting at 6 on the Word.