The Greatest Gift

from Ric McClary

This has been another exciting year around the Word and The Pulse. We have been blessed by a new addition to the Pulse and the Word. Joe Ledford moved to Minnesota last spring from Ohio to be our morning show host on 104.3 the Pulse and has fit right in with Dave, Aaron and Brant although we need to pray for him so that he becomes a Minnesota sports fan instead of an Ohio sports fan. We’ll keep you posted. :)

We have been involved in many community events through the year, from concerts to parades to fairs and other celebrations around central Minnesota. Our board of directors posed in front of our station vehicles that many have seen “around town” this year.

We have an opportunity this fall and winter to bless many people living in the poorest nation in the world. That country is Malawi. Malawi has a population of seventeen million and according to The World Health Organization it is the poorest nation on earth. The people need many things but they mostly need the Greatest Gift that comes only from Jesus Christ.

In partnership with Reach Beyond we hope to deliver 100 SonSet solar powered radios to Malawi so more can hear the Gospel in their native language, Chichewa. If you would partner with us and support us at the $30.00 per month level and do that through our “easy pay” plan using auto giving from your checking account we will give 5% of our goal of $80,000 to the SonSet radio project. If you already give $30.00 per month or greater and would be willing to have that come out of your checking account instead of your credit card a SonSet radio would be added to our total.

I would love to speak at your church or at a church event to tell you more about these SonSet radios and Reach Beyond. The radios are valued at $40.00 each and don’t need batteries or electricity to run.

During the month of December we will be asking you to help us reach this goal of $80,000. Please call 218-568-4422 if you have any questions about this. Your gifts are tax deductable.

As we look to “wrap up” this year please take a moment to thank the Lord with us for His faithfulness and goodness to us. May God richly bless you this Christmas and in the New Year.