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Transmitter Special Project

From Ric McClary, General Manager


It’s served its purpose but it’s time to retire the KTIG transmitter. Aaron Pearson is our engineer at the Word and the Pulse and I asked him to join me for a Q and A about the need we have to get a new transmitter for KTIG.


Q. Aaron, what exactly does a radio transmitter do?


A. The transmitter is the beating heart of a radio station. Without a transmitter, there is no radio station! Technically speaking, the transmitter takes the audio signal we create at our studios and turns it into a very strong radio signal that gets sent out through the antenna, through the air, and to your radio at home/ in the car. KTIG’s transmitter is allowed 40-thousand watts of power to cover our listening area in Central Minnesota.


Q. Where is the transmitter located and how do we get what we do at the studios to the transmitter?


A. The transmitter and antenna tower are located south of Pine River, about 8 miles northwest of our Pequot Lakes studios. The programs produced at our studios and those that are sent to us from our ministry partners are beamed to the transmitter from a small microwave dish aimed at the Pine River tower. The transmitter receives that signal and sends it back out on a specific radio frequency, in our case, 102.7 FM. The transmitter, the tower and a specially tuned antenna are all factors in your being able to receive a signal on your radio at home or in your car.


Q. How old is the present KTIG transmitter?


A. Our current transmitter is a Continental 816R-C that was installed almost 30 years ago. The company that made this transmitter has been scaling back its radio operations and no longer has 24/7 support. As well, this transmitter uses older technology than is available today, and requires regular, costly maintenance.


Q. How is the new transmitter different?


A. Technology always marches on, just look at that supercomputer in your pocket we call smartphones! FM Transmitter technology has also progressed quite a ways in the past decades, leading to more efficient, full-featured, reliable and safe equipment. More efficiency means saving money on our electrical bill, and being better stewards of our resources!


Thanks Aaron. We want to be good stewards of the finances the Lord has given us and are very thankful for the many years of use from our present transmitter. A new transmitter and the installation and engineering expenses will be $85-thousand dollars. We did receive a gift from an anonymous donor of $32- Thousand-dollars as part of a planned legacy gift that will go towards this cost. We are asking our listeners to help us raise $53-Thousand-dollars this spring for this capital improvement. The new transmitter will serve us for many decades and will give us lower monthly power bills and lower maintenance costs over it many years of use.


If you are able to contribute above and beyond your monthly or yearly giving it would be appreciated. I encourage you to contact me or Aaron of you have any questions about this project.

Richard (Ric) McClary


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